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Grow at home and enjoy the harvest. Effortlessly.

  • Super Simple: start growing in 10 minutes!
  • Smart: built-in webcam, app to control growth, digital profiles specific to each plant and drying
  • Useful and healthy: herbs, plants, flowers and medical plants available all year round and pesticide free
  • Beautiful and discreet: compact size, odor filter, italian design
  • Savings: super-efficient led lights, only €4 per month in energy cost

How it works

An empty exagonal grow box called Linfa

With this device…

Connect Linfa to your Wi-FI network and put the seeds in the appropriate grow pods: in 10 minutes you will have started your new cultivation.

 A mobile phone with Linfa's app growing chili peppers

…and your phone

Choose the correct digital grow profile through the Linfa app and follow the instructions: you’ll become an experienced grower sooner than you think.

An exagonal grow box called Linfa with plants linging inside it

…get these results

You’ll be able to grow herbs, vegetables, flowers and medical plants all year round, ready to harvest in no time

The most beloved plants by our growers


Legal Cannabis

Gli Spiccanti

Chili mix

I Tagete

Marigold Flowers Mix

La Tommarola

Tomato Mix


Over 1000 happy growers!

The best grow box ever

Great product: beautiful design and perfect results! The app works well and is very intuitive to use. The after-sales service without any flaw (thanks Irene!) I recommend it. A high end product!


The future is here

Probably the best Amazon purchase of my life! The price may be a little scary but after the first harvest I changed my mind! Very clear assembly instructions and a child-proof user guide.


It works!

I bought Linfa Weezy for my wife. She had read on Facebook that it was easy to grow at home but I honestly didn’t think it was that simple. We had no idea how a grow box worked, but Linfa is simply a perfect machine!



Linfa is an innovative and high quality grow box. A fantastic machine: congratulations to the team that designed and developed it! A super attentive support team; I had never had an experience of this kind. Buy a Linfa too!



A fantastic product and completely made in Italy! Every euro spent was well spent and a fantastic support was provided by them: Robonica’s team replied to an email from me on December 26th!


Small but…

Maybe it’s true: the size of the product may seem insufficient to grow our favorite plant but, given the discounted price I decided to buy it: after 70 days the harvest was amazing!


Linfa is a product by Robonica


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What the press says about us

Logo of Corriere della sera

It is the digital garden of the future, in which it is possible to cultivate the quintessence of every vegetable, absolutely purified from contaminants or similar

Logo of Wired

You don't have to be a farmer to have healthy and always fresh vegetables. Today there is Linfa.

Logo of Tech Princess

The well-kept appearance, similar to an architectural structure, makes the greenhouse a real piece of design, able to blend in best with any environment

Logo of Andrea Gavazzi

My six varieties of basil have grown to perfection, there's not a burnt or badly burnt leaf and everything without the slightest care