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Smart Grow Box for Legal Cannabis

You don’t need a green thumb!


With this device…

Connect Linfa to your Wi-FI network and put the seeds in the appropriate growing media: in 10 minutes you are able to start a new cultivation


…and your phone

Choose the correct digital grow profile through the Linfa app and follow the instructions: you’ll become an experienced grower sooner than you think.


…get these results

You will have Legal Cannabis all year round and ready to harvest in a short time (depends on the seeds you choose, on average one harvest every two months).

Amazing results. Substantial savings.

Pick your favorite strains all year round and use our included innovative drying kit. Click below to see how much money you can save with Linfa!

Small is better!

  • Linfa allows you to cultivate just what you need
  • Linfa can be installed in any apartment
  • Plants grow horizontally thanks to the SCROG net
  • There are excellent varieties of “dwarf” plants
  • Growth control algorithm is optimized for blue light*.
  • Linfa’s grow pods are designed to limit the volume of the roots
  • High reflection polycarbonate case
  • Small plants = faster harvest and richer buds
*If you are a super nerd we recommend reading this article this article

A really smart grow box!

Thanks to Linfa's app and our algorithms your growing experience is fully automated: from seed to harvest.

Smell-free and discreet

Thanks to the active carbon filter and blackout panels your cultivation will be completely odorless and hidden from the curious.

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Over 1000 happy growers!

The best grow box ever

Great product: beautiful design and perfect results! The app works well and is very intuitive to use. The after-sales service without any flaw (thanks Irene!) I recommend it. A high end product!


The future is here

Probably the best Amazon purchase of my life! The price may be a little scary but after the first harvest I changed my mind! Very clear assembly instructions and a child-proof user guide.


It works!

I bought Linfa Weezy for my wife. She had read on Facebook that it was easy to grow at home but I honestly didn’t think it was that simple. We had no idea how a grow box worked, but Linfa is simply a perfect machine!



Linfa is an innovative and high quality grow box. A fantastic machine: congratulations to the team that designed and developed it! A super attentive support team; I had never had an experience of this kind. Buy a Linfa too!



A fantastic product and completely made in Italy! Every euro spent was well spent and a fantastic support was provided by them: Robonica’s team replied to an email from me on December 26th!


Small but…

Maybe it’s true: the size of the product may seem insufficient to grow our favorite plant but, given the discounted price I decided to buy it: after 70 days the harvest was amazing!


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